January 11, 2007

dirk vekemans

llll LLLL

les frères qui jack out the singing wire
frères de commencements obscurs

Rythmes, pendant qu’on lit
both hands counting slits

an icy berger uncerteuntie
if euver theur weus weun

the days begg for honey will while

You begg 4 me butterfly er eeeee
the daysies uve burst

Into belgian bubbles
les eyes yeux jouissantes play
those g furr satches foul off
MF’s Tous des prismes

Propagateurs de riens
De riens qui veulent être quelque chose

cittybang itsa blonde!

or something like that anyway

Aye, young B of Yore,
it's a good day furr a swim
towords the fjeurdweurds
of desireuh, it being
the final beeworks
theGate Mademoiselle
La PenultiMate!

(rubbit, rubbit)

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