Zswound is interested in metaphornication.

Zswound is powered by Zswound Productions and is sponsored by James Rolls-Joyce, Gertrude FrankenStein, E-Pancho Vila-Matas, Marcel Duchampagne, Leonardo Dada Vinci.

Zswound is currently accepting subsmissions from submissive aliens and legless zombies.  All other submissions will be rejected.

There are at least three Zswounderful side-projects which are more or less active. 
>> Characters by Jean de La Bruy√®re (a Twitter project)


About the author

Xavier is the author of several books published in France and Canada.

His work has been featured in a number of magazines (Docks, OVNI, Journal of experimental fiction...) and webzines around the world. He is interested in alternative, experimental and conceptual writing.

He is the editor of a small but funny magazine.