February 06, 2007

Get a Google Goulag (So-r-nnets)

The world
we now far prefer novelty
military targets to get bad lefty
Because her boyfriend could

goulag in seconds, they would
with Castro as a dictator and if Amnesty
earth free google making pro tu
à vingt heures, get my wife to cuckold

about 134 English pages for
in Burma or central Africa,
whereTruthdig with Blogads or Google Adsense

about whether people go to the goulag or
le français dans un dictionnaire
- Where did this rapist get all these?

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The world now-- - -
to get control of it, and I think
there's still a thirty day window

off of our collective behinds to show
Sylvester Staline believes we need to think
is my Google PageRank---
Rankthem. You'll be surprised at how

warm when you work in the goulag one week
Tip: Save time by hitting
Tip: Save time by hitting

le Goulag !”… Et tout à lavement,
Do a google, learn something
Do a google. learn something

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