October 28, 2007

Quan thị (or The Herm-apʰɾo'di:tɛ)

This taste of the material of the spurt to some, those
12 obstetrician 産婦間 argue and magnify between
the buttock. Dann in der Hölle der Maus der
creak creak Geräusche des Quietschens von Quietschen.
저droning말벌에 나락에. If she will be плоско or irregular,
the white man determines? Se una persona sicura è il,
can inform? The fact that, it must form over it by
each possible thing. Nghìn năm khỏi bị tiếng nương dâu
(En mille ans, vous ne vous appellerez jamais un slut.)

Ba(bel)stardization of poem by Hồ Xuân Hương, translated by Linh Dinh.

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