January 10, 2008


A violent luk & a whol sampL & evN thN shhh.

H2O iz squeezing, H2O iz almost squeezing on lard. H2O, H2O iz a mowTN & it iz seleCD & it iz so practical dat ther iz n uz n monE. A mind undR iz exact & so it iz neceSrE 2 hav a mouth & eye ::-).

A :-Q of sudN rises & mo tym thN awfulness iz so EZ & shady. ther iz precisely dat noyz.

A peck a sml piece not prv8lE overseen, not @ aL not a slice, not @ aL crestfallen & OpN, not @ aL mounting & chaining & evNlE surpassing, aL d bidding cumz 2 T.

A separation iz not tightly n worsted & sauce, it iz so kept weL & sectionally.

Put it n d stew, put it 2 shAm. A ltl slight shadow & a solid fiN furnace.

d teasing iz 10dR & trying & thoughtful.

d line whch sets sprinkling 2 b a remedy iz bside d best cold.

A puzzle, a monster puzzle, a hevE choking, a neglected tues..

Wet croSN & a likeness, NE likeness, a likeness hz blisters, it hz dat & tEth, it hz d stagRN blndlE & a ltl grEn, NE ltl grEn iz ordinary.

1, two & 1, two, 9, 2nd & 5 & dat.

A blaze, a srch n Btwen, a 3:-o, onlE NE wet plAc, onlE DIS tune.

Cut a gas jet uglier & thN pierce pierce n Btwen d NXT & negligence. chuse d R8 2 pA & 3:] 3:] v much. A collection of aL rownd, a signal poison, a lack of languor & mo hrtz @ ease.

A white bird, a colRD myn, a mixd orange, a K9.

Cuddling cumz n continuing a chAng.

A piece of separate outstanding rushing iz so blnd w OpN delicacy.

A canoe iz ordrlE. A period iz solemn. A 3:-o iz akcptD.

A nIs old chain iz widening, it iz absent, it iz laid by.

SUGAR (excerpt from FOOD) from Tender Buttons by Gertrude Stein, translated into SMS

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