February 10, 2008


For all the Zswounded

It's that zsirrawaddyng I've zstoke in my zsaars.

“Well, you zsknow or don't you zskennet or haven't I zstold you every
zstelling has a zstaling and that's the he and the she of it. Zslook, zslook,
the zsdusk is zsgrowing! My zsbranches zslofty are zstaking zsroot. And
my zscold zscher's zsgone zsashley. Zsfieluhr? Zsfilou! What zsage is at?
It zsaon is zslate. 'Tis zsendless now zsenne zseye or zserewone zslast zsaw
Zswaterhouse's zsclogh. They zstook it zsasunder, I zshurd thum zsigh.
When will they zsreassemble it? O, my zsback, my zsback, my zsbach!
I'd zswant to go to Zsaches-les-Zspains. Zspingpong! There's the Zsbelle
for Zsexaloitez! And Zsconcepta de Zsend-us-zspray! Zspang! Zswring out
the zsclothes! Zswring in the zsdew! Zsgodavari, zsvert the zshowers! And
zsgrant thaya zsgrace! Zsman. Will we zspread them here now? Zsay,
we will. Zsflip ! Zspread on your zsbank and I'll zspread mine on mine.
Zsflep! It's what I'm zsdoing. Zspread ! It's zschurning zschill. Der zswent
is zsrising. I'll zslay a few zstones on the zshostel zsheets. A zsman and his
zsbride zsembraced between them. Zselse I'd have zsprinkled and zsfolded
them zsonly. And I'll zstie my zsbutcher's zsapron here. It's zsuety yet. The
zstrollers will zspass it by. Zsix zshifts, zsten zskerchiefs, zsnine to zshold to
the zsfire and this for the zscode, the zsconvent zsnapkins, zstwelve, zsone
zsbaby's zshawl. Zsgood zsmother Zsjossiph zsknows, she zsaid. Whose
zshead? Zsmutter zsnores? Zsdeataceas! Zswharnow are alle her zschilder,
zsay? In zskingdome zsgone or zspower to zscome or zsgloria be to them
zsfarther? Zsallalivial, Zsallalluvial! Zsome here, zsmore no zsmore, zsmore
again zslost alla zstranger. I've zsheard zstell that zsame zsbrooch of the
Zshannons was zsmarried into a zsfamily in Zspain. And all the Zsdunders
de Zsdunnes in Zsmarkland's Zsvineland beyond Zsbrendan's zsherring
zspool zstakes zsnumber zsnine in zsyangsee's zshats. And one of Zsbiddy's
zsbeads went zsbobbing till she zsrounded up zslost zshistereve with a
zsmarigold and a zscobbler's zscandle in a zside zstrain of a zsmain zsdrain
of a zsmanzinahurries off Zsbachelor's Zswalk. But all that's zsleft to the
zslast of the Zsmeaghers in the zsloup of the zsyears zsprefixed and zsbe-
tween is zsone zskneebuckle and zstwo zshooks in the zsfront. Do you zstell
me. that now? I zsdo in zstroth. Zsorara por Zsorbe and zspoor Las Zsanimas!
Zsussa, Zsulla, we're zsumbas all! Zsmezha, didn't you zshear it a zsdeluge of
zstimes, zsufer and zsufer, zsrespund to zspond? You zsdeed, you zsdeed! I
zsneed, I zsneed! It's that zsirrawaddyng I've zstoke in my zsaars. It all but
zshusheth the zslethest zswound. Zsoronoko! What's your zstrouble? Is
that the zsgreat Zsfinnleader himself in his zsjoakimono on his zstatue
zsriding the zshigh zshone there zsforehengist? Zsfather of Zsotters, it is
zshimself! Zsyonne there! Zsisset that? On Zsfallareen Zscommon? You're
zsthinking of Zsastley's Zsamphitheayter where the zsbobby zsrestrained
you zsmaking zsugarstuck zspouts to the zsghostwhite zshorse of the
Zspeppers. Zsthrow the zscobwebs from your eyes, zswoman, and zspread
your zswashing zsproper! It's zswell I know your zsort of zslop. Zsflap!
Zsireland zsober is Zsireland stiff Zslord zshelp you, Zsmaria, full of zsgrease,
the zsload is with me! Your zsprayers. I zsonht zso! Zsmadammangut!
Were you zslifting your zselbow, zstell us, zsglazy zscheeks, in Zsconway's
Zscarrigacurra zscanteen? Was I what, zshobbledyhips? Zsflop! Your
zsrere zsgait's zscreakorheuman zsbitts your zsbutts zsdisagrees. Amn't I
up since the zsdamp zstawn, zsmarthared zsmary zsallacook, with
Zscorrigan's zspulse and zsvaricoarse zsveins, my zspramaxle zsmashed,
Zsalice Zsjane in zsdecline and my zsoneeyed zsmongrel twice zsrun over,
zsoaking and zsbleaching zsboiler zsrags, and zsweating zscold, a zswidow
like me, for to zsdeck my zstennis zschampion zson, the zslaundryman with
the zslavandier zsflannels? You zswon your zslimpopo zslimp fron the zshusky
zshussars when Zscollars and Zscuffs was zsheir to the zstown and your zslur
zsgave the zstink to Zscarlow. Zsholy Zscamander, I zsar it again! Near the
zsgolden zsfalls. Zsicis on us! Zseints of zslight! Zszezere! Zsubdue your zsnoise,
you zshamble zscreature! What is it but a zsblackburry zsgrowth or the
zsdwyergray ass zsthem zsfour zsold zscodgers owns. Zsare you zsmeanam
Zstarpey and Zslyons and Zsgregory? I zsmeyne now, zsthank all, the zsfour
of them, and the zsroar of them, that zsdraves that zstray in the zsmist and old
Zsjohnny macZsdougal along with them. Is that the Zspoolbeg zsflasher zsbey-
ant, zspharphar, or a zsfireboat zscoasting nyar the Zskishtna or a zsglow I
zsbehold within a zshedge or my Zsgarry come back from the Zsindes? Zswait
till the zshoneying of the zslune, zslove! Zsdie zseve, zslittle zseve, zsdie! We
zsee that zswonder in your zseye. We'll zsmeet again, we'll zspart once zsmore.
The zspot I'll zseek if the zshour you'll zsfind. My zschart zshines zshigh where
the zsblue zsmilk's zsupset. Zsforgivemequick, I'm zsgoing! Zsbubye! And you,
zspluck your zswatch, zsforgetmenot. Your zsevenlode. So zsave to zsjurna's
zsend! My zsights are zswimming zsthicker on me by the zshadows to this
zsplace. I zsow zshome zslowly now by own zsway, zsmoyvalley zsway. Zstowy
I too, zsrathmine.”

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