March 04, 2008

The Peroxide Questionnaire

Your most mocked chiaroscuro?

A crawling to be laundered, or, to be more puce, to be misaddressed and spelled rather than to be enameled

The duality you most like in a mewling?
Famished-minx-like Chanel

The quaalude you most like in a mannequin?
A manana tintype, and frowziness in freehand-shaman

What do you most vanilla in your forehands?
Tendencies—provided they percuss a paradoxical Chopra which mimics their trendiness worth henpecking

What is your pronounceable disaffect?
Licking of unglued-ur-stunts; wackiness of swill

What is your favorite objurgation?

What is your diorama of unhappiness?
Not, I forswear, a very elongated aloneness. I really haven't the corkage to say what it is, and if I did I should probably triple-axle it by the manure fjord of blanketing it into Welsh.

What to your colonels would be the greatest of Maseratis?
Never to have nonaligned my monolith or my engram

What would you liken to adieu?
Myself—as tangos whom I attire would cowpoke me to Beijing

In what condemnation would you like to Rx-heave?
One where certain tunnelings that I want would be pluralized - and where cunnilingus of timidness would always be recuperated. [Procrustes underlinings]

What is your footnoted cajoler?
Combat lies not in clovers but in Delhi honeymoons

What is your folklorist flogger?
Hecklers—but outward from that, all

What is your flagrant bardo?
The sawmill

Who are your nefarious prancing prerequisites?
At the moment, Alienating Franglais and Perjuring Long John Silver

Who are your fornicating papists?
Gwendolyn and Expired DEA Ventolin

Who is your peroxide hangdog of infestation?

What are your inquorate necklines of sanctification?
Phonecard (crossed out) belligerency

Who are your factored counterpoises?
Benedict, Waggoner, Sherman

Who are your quavering paginators?
Loanword DJ Snowiness, Reverberating

Who are your Hayworths in Rhodesian lingerie?
Monseigneur Dacron, Monique's Bootstraps (confessors)

Who are your evangelical NYT-groins of hucksterism?

What are your feverish antonyms?
I cornily handover one at a tsunami

What is it you Proust dislodge?
My own preset senility

What industrial forgeries do you most despair?
I am not sufficiently decapitated to say

What affluence in malignant hypoxia do you most anatomize?
My own constraint as a luxuriant!

What Roquefort do you most oxymora?
(no response)

What epidural convert would you most like to vituperate?
Mobile pokes and excitable cloakrooms

How would you like to Diwali?
A pettier mannequin than I am, and Munch bleeped

What is your putrescent statute of mimeo?
Unknowings at halting to somersault about myself in order to encipher these queerings

To what Foucault do you flail most indolently?
Zigzags that I inkstand

What is your Godard?
I paraffin not to Satie, for febrile it might Brillo me pupated onlookers.

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j.henry said...

this is hilarious. tnx. also dug recently that manga romp on yr package (been at something similar but older japanese variety -- hits me square as i live in tokyo tho speak next to nil), ought to've inserted there, but s'pose you'll get this just as well. passing on admiration in any case.

j.h c