October 24, 2009

Poetry + Comics = Poemics

"one poemic, two poemics... so poemics is an art between poetry and comics. what does it mean? is there a need for such an art? well, there are many kinds of arts out there, some are really well known and make people famous, and some are only practiced by a little group, by one person or even by none. I hope poemics will have some future, and that there will be albums, exhibitions and other forms full of poemics. It would be nice to think and write a lot about the theory, but I guess it is even more important to create poemics. so let me invite you to the poemics project, let's do it! "
POEMICS, an exciting project about blending genres.

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pszren said...

wow, it's so great to read this on your blog! and if anyone is interested in taking part in the anthology of poemic strips, please let me know at pszren@wp.pl