August 16, 2010

Erasure Projects - Erasure in Art by Richard Galpin

[Joseph Kosuth, Zero and Not]

Erasure in Art, Destruction, Deconstruction and Palimpset by Richard Galpin "Introduction. My interest in erasure stems from my work as an artist. I am involved in work that deletes various texts, and am excited by the subtle play that erasure seems to create when executed in certain ways. My work is not about the suppression of text, or the negation of what the text represents, but is about obscuring the words in order to create a different relationship between the text and the viewer. When I first started this body of work I felt that the erasure of language in art, rather than being destructive, contained the potential to provoke an ambiguous and shifting reading of both the original text and the work. If not destructive then, could erasure be deconstructive? This is something that I will explore in this writing. I will then discuss the notion of the palimpsest as a concept that seems relevant to erasure in art."

More about Erasure, see index under Erasure section.

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