October 30, 2010

UnComic Strips - Crachoir Magazine #4 (2010)

The new Crachoir (a comics magazine created by Yvang) is now available. The editors, Yvang and Léo Quievreux, have designed a not so chaotic anthology of humourless strips packed with incongruouty and nonsense. The entire project known as "Comic Strips 0% Humour" was, as the title suggests, centred around two main objectives: 1) Assemble a large number of heterogeneous strips from many different artists thus obtaining a mix of very different styles within the 78 pages of the magazine. 2) Ban humour thus contradicting the name of the medium itself known as "comic". The object overall reads like a huge visual cut-up in which the reader is drowned into an endless and furious stream of unconsciousness. Here, there, unexpectedly, curious voices are heard, some understandable, others hardly recognizable. Can we say here that my friend Koloro Koro and myself have contributed to the pandemonium by inserting thanatoerotic visions full of glossolalic eruptions. Difficult to focus on just one scene, one moment or one style, the entire work has its own mysterious coherence (not uniformity) which becomes apparent as you read or move into this dense matter which breeds on accumulation, repetition, intensification and disruption. Ultimately, this "crachoir" is best grasped as a frightening inventory of anatomical distortions: dissolving bodies, melting faces, enlarging mouths, etc. Clearly, the experimental nature of the body is here again displayed and revealed in a wide variety of styles and structures. Despite the "strip" constraint, all participants bring their personnal contribution to the enstrangement or slaughter of the body (suicide, murder, torture, emasculation, etc). The role of the artist seems nicely summarised in this sentence: "Cadavre a les mains dans le monde" (Corpse has got his hands in the wolrd) as if the authors themselves belonged to both worlds, bridging the gaps between the dead and the living, showing landscapes and figures which stand at some uncanny frontier between real and sub-real. The list of participants is just as long and frightening as the credits in a George Romero movie:
Alex Baladi
Gary Atlass
Patrice Bauduinet
J.M. Bertoyas
Agnès Beuneux
Jean Bourguignon
Paquito Bolino
Olive Booger
Ruta Briede
Laetitia B.
Docteur C
Sarah Fisthole
Aisha Franz
David Guedin
Daisuke Ichiba
Julien Raboteau
Ernest Klavins
Koloro Koro-Javier Kronaver
Jean Kristau
J. & E. LeGlatin
L.L. de Mars
Ludovic Levasseur
4ndr345 M4rch4l
Chloé Mathiez
Jakez Moiré
Hélène Mougin
Anne-Fred Maurer
Matthias Lehmann
Alexandre de Moté
Ivan Martin
Paul Paetzel
Gabrielle Piquet
Pt'it Marc
Léo Quiévreux
Maël Rannou
Lionel Richerand
Sam Rictus
Richard Papier
Guillaume Soulatges
Nicolas Tavar
Yann Tréhin
Marko Turunen

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