January 09, 2011

Web Projects - Sorry I haven't posted

Sorry I haven't posted on Sorry I haven't posted. In the past few days, weeks, months and possibly years, I haven't, and for obvious reasons: time, money, life, sickness, pain, willingness (or absence of), mood, accident, traveling, problems, stress, work, error messages and whatnot. Despite my hate for “sorry I haven’t posted" posts, I can't help but posting one just to say I haven't and shouldn't and more importantly to reinforce the void between two posts, or the oblivion in which I almost fell as I was away, unposting. And, sometimes, I wish I was unposting more often and thus contributing to the neo-Bartlebyan community of discontinuing posters. I would prefer not to be sorry for being an un-poster. More "haven't posted sorrow" is available from Cory Arcangel's blog: Sorry I haven't posted.

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