May 15, 2011

It's a Zswounderful life

On and on with Zswound

Always Zswounda Cola

A Zswound a day helps you work rest and play

Don't leave home without zswound

I can't believe I ate the whole zswound!

Just Zswoundo it

Keep ZSWalking

Probably the best zswound in the world

Put a Tiger in Your Zswound. Put a Zswound in your engine.

The future's bright - the future's zswound.

The Power to Be Your Best Zswound.

When you say Zswound, you've said it all.

You can't resist the zswist!

Zswound keeps going, and going, and going...

Zswound melts in your mouth - not in your hand.

Only the crumbliest flakiest Zswound

That's handy Harry ! Stick it in the Zswound

We bring Zswound to life

Savour the flavour of Zswound

There's only one Zswound

Don't be vague. Ask for Zswound.

Better living through Zswound.

Zswound stays sharp til the bottom of the glass.

Because Zswound can't drive.

Promise her anything. But give her Zswound.

Not just nearly Zswound. But really Zswound.

Mamma mia, that's a spicy Zswound.

Let the Zswound take the strain.

Come to Zswound and let's get it done.

What's in your Zswound?

Things happen after a Zswound.

Make someone happy with a Zswound.

Don't be an Amber Zswound.

Show me the Zswound!

Full of eastern Zswound.

Double the pleasure. Double the Zswound.

Keep that Zswound complexion.

It's just for me and my Zswound.

I wish they all could be Zswound girls.

I'm cuckoo for Zswound.

Gotta lotta Zswound.

Nobody does it like Zswound.

There's more than one way to eat a Zswound.

Got Zswound?

Beanz Meanz Zswoundz
Have a Zswound and smile.

You presse the Zswound. We do the rest.

Think once. Think twice. Think Zswound.

Give that man a Zswound.

I'm stuck on Zswound. Cause Zswound's stuck on me.

There ain't no party like a Zswound party.

I like the Zswound in you.

Pure Zswound.

I can't believe it's not Zswound.

Where do you want Zswound to go today?

It must be Zswound.

You've always got time for Zswound.

Zswoundborn and bred.

Loves the Zswound you hate.

Life should taste as good as Zswound.

Moving at the speed of Zswound.

Where Zswound is a pleasure.

The world's favourite Zswound.

Make it a Zswound night.

The ultimate Zswound Machine.

Do you, uh, Zswound?

Let the Zswound begin.

The Zswound is mightier than the zsword.

Zswound prevents that sinking feeling.

I want my Zswound.

Let's face the music and Zswound.

The real smell of Zswound.

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