July 02, 2011

"Crux Desperationis" - journal (review)

Following the tradition of pragmatic eclecticism, "Crux Desperationis" journal is seeking to meld various self-defense methods together into a unified conceptual whole. With reference to the stylistic chauvinism that had been displayed by some of their predecessors in this field, the editors simply endeavoured to harmoniously gather the really practical methods of literary defense, whatever their origin, and especially to combine them into an international journal.

The system displayed by "Crux Desperationis" is notably non-scientific and largely eschewed the more typical 2000s approach to self-promoting writing, which is to present the reader with a series of individual “tricks” or literary techniques. Instead, "Crux Desperationis" presents their readers with a comprehensive progression of fighting methods and writing tactics, with an emphasis upon combative practicality.

Main techniques presented in "Crux Desperationis":

The chop blow: DEREK BEAULIEU
Insertion of the knees: ROB FITTERMAN
The elbow strike: ROMAN LUJAN
The headbutt: VITTORE BARONI
The hip throw: SHARON KIVLAND
Special commanding of the leg: MARCO ANTONIO HUERTA
The kick back: CRAIG DWORKIN
Kick to the face: BELEN GACHE
Use of the legs in ground combat: RICHARD KOSTELANETZ
Remarks on the coup de pied bas: SIMON MORRIS
Defence against two arm locks: INGE GRAO
Parry of the scissors: CLAUDE CLOSKY
Ordinary throws: RICCARDO BOGLIONE
Relative utility of the cane in real combat: KENNETH GOLDSMITH
Stomach throw: PABLO URIBE
Arm lock no. 2: MICHALIS PICHLER
Throw from behind: MASSIMO PASTORELLI
Good posture in the superior position: MIRTHA DERMISACHE
The tactics of combat in the street (and editors of "CD"): RICCARDO BOGLIONE & GEORGINA TORELLO

Download from Ubuweb: "Crux Desperationis" (pdf).