August 01, 2011

ZSW-M - A Zswound Project (published)

ZSW-M (Z45 to Z66 within the Zswound-Mania project) has been published as an ebook and is available at GAMMM. Many thanks to the GAMMM team for their work on this "document". ZSW-M is a collaborative work by Erik K. and Xavier S.

Zswound-Mania was a project focused on the translation, modification and alteration of a single stimulus. In other words, all posts repeat more or less the same thing. All the boring outputs from this experiment are numbered:
**Z0 is the stimulus
**Z1 to Z44 are available on line on Zswound-Mania
**Z45 to Z66 are only available on PDF and are now hosted on GAMMM.
**Z67 to Z72 are generated with the Meaning Eater engine
**Z74 to Z80 are based on a wide range of automatic processes (text/image generator) as we have become very lazy over time.
This project is now more or less dormant.

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