October 28, 2012

Alice Liddell - The White Rabbit Vibe (Spam-Po)

 Dear customer,

The White Rabbit Vibe is for you

The White Rabbit Vibe will shock and amaze you with its mind blowing pleasures.

The White Rabbit will take you down unexpected holes and will lose you in a maze of unexplored and vibrating landscapes.  Discover this new breathtaking experience that will provide you with hours upon hours upon hours of multi-orgasmic reading. Once you get your hands on this, you will wonder how you ever survived without it!

The White Rabbit Vibe will literally open new doors to perception and make you climb to the roof.  Its truly unique combination of timelessness, spatial loss and wild fantasy will drive you beyond your wettest dreams.

Order it now! Don't be late!
Experience It Now! Don't be late!
Follow the White Rabbit Vibe!  Now!

Alice Liddell
Customer Service

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