February 09, 2013

Bettye liked uncreative writing (Spamerican poetry)

Bettye liked uncreative writing
Cheryle liked dwelling in possibility
Micah liked the dazzling truth but gradually
Rona liked when floods have slit the brain
Deidre liked the blab of the pave and the barbaric yawp
Darcel liked the boney nose in the tactless asses
Nanie liked dancing naked, born to be lonely
Jasmine liked shopping for images, dreaming of enumerations
Michelle liked condensing
Brianna liked holding her hand herself
Tiffany liked eating Lorine's peaches and William's plums
Amanda liked being abandonned in a story made of grease
Ashley liked petals in the crisp sand, not in the metro
Chelsea liked petals in the crowd, not in the sand
Jennifer liked the new Japanese napkin, while talking
Rebecca liked lines of broken glass
Samya liked the geometry of roses penetrating metal
Perla liked question marks in the sky and on the shore
Kenzie liked the fountain descending a staircase
Rowan liked the sudden wound in the spreading difference
Nia liked when narratives had an ending, and a beginning, and a middle somewhere
Harper liked repeating repeating
Hadley liked Watteau, Fragonnard and Picasso now
Tatum liked filling the hiatus
Paola liked how to make a dadaist article
Blaine liked cutting off legs to make crabs fit in a sonnet
Kadin liked Famously Unbound Crinckled Knees
Blithe liked the rising noise of abortion
Brice liked fighting back in the open grave
Lane liked good neighbors behind good walls
Mason liked cutting off legs to make toads fit in a poem
Cary liked question marks in Sylvia's drowning face
Nevada liked the nude descending a fountain, one-woman waterfall
Cecil liked recreating the syntax of poor human prose
Orion liked the infantile pileup of scatological buildup
Cullen liked the babble flow in singsong pathetic mule
Dallas liked the dead body descending a staircase, wordless
Perry liked Verlaine, Genet and the first Friday after Bastille day
Dane liked breaking legs and chopping down a fairer House than Prose
Reagan liked dreaming of instruction manuals
Delaney liked Pierre Reverdy
Reed liked flamenco, castanets and idiotic numbers
Donovan liked being there, surrounded by noises filled with with silence
Zane liked hunting for the whale, Every Day
Danika liked the story of a boy who was brought up by body snatchers
Catina liked when the audience doesn't identify as readers
Lila liked the restless language of footprints in the sand
Raya liked the irrational residue
Bell liked the restless track of dissolving days like this
Dulce liked the unladylike hesitation of fractured communication
Zahara liked a day of rest, of description and relating words to places
Brooklynn liked a truck writing through a factory
Diamond liked medium, action, chance, live, octave, words...determined by chance
Lizbeth liked more text-selection: slighter intention
Avery liked the assumptions on the ground, the evidence in the air
Angel liked writing minimally: one sentence per line per day
Kira liked the restless shadow of the most obscure things ever said
Zoey liked Verne, Péret, Genet, Perec and the free speech behind deleted text
Beatrice liked the wood, the road, the journey, the dark and a middle somewhere
Iris liked hurting lips: and just this, for all
Georgia liked any formula and harakiri
Serena liked what poppies yield, grated and fragrant
Emily liked sexy pumps

[Image sources. top: spam / bottom: A. Filreis during ModPo course (automated subtitles)]

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