February 25, 2014

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Abilifyght Club by Chuck Palahniuk
[Potential effects: sociopathy, violent behaviour towards Ikea furniture, soapophobia, multiple personality disorder]

Cialis in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
[Potential effects: uncontrolled organ growth, anthropomorphic tendencies]

A mid-Soma Night’ Dream by William Shakespeare
[Potential effects: delusion, hallucinatory reactions, day-dreaming]

The Name of the Prozac by Umberto Eco
[Potential effects: heteroglossia, autodafeic urges, painful homoerotic practices]

How Green Was My Valium by Richard Llewellyn
[Potential effects: underground tendencies, photophobia, sudden death]

Blood Meridia by Cormac McCarthy
[Potential effects: unexpected regression, sudden hair loss, pessimistic beliefs]

The Xanaxic Verses by Salman Rushdie
[Potential effects: feeling of persecution, paranoia, fatwa syndrome]

Portrait of the Plavix as a young man by James Joyce
[Potential effects: epiphanic visions, streams of unconsciousness]

Eugénie Viagrandet by Honoré de Balzac
[Potential effects: platonic love, loss of illusions, personality alterations]

Waiting for Zoloft by Samuel Beckett
[Potential effects: incoherent behaviour, ennui, impression of déjà-vu, suicidal tendencies]

Do Synthroids dream of electric sheep by Philip K. Dick
[Potential effects: compulsive lying, impostor syndrome, robot groping]

Tristram Chantix by Laurence Sterne
[Potential effects: unexpected circumcision, nasal dexterity, incoherent speech]

Lord of the NuvaRing By JRR Tolkien
[Potential effects: facial hair growth, compulsive walking, tree talking]

One Tamiflu over the cuckoo’s nest by Ken Kesey
[Potential effects: feeling of humiliation, nursophilia, nursophobia, lobotomic eyes]

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