May 15, 2014

You didn't let me finish my sentence (new Crashtest project)

Jack Torrance (the character in Kubrick's movie the Shining) was obsessed with a sentence that he thought was unfinished and that he kept retyping on his typewriter. Following his own tragic experience, hundreds and thousands of anonymous authors borrowed this exact sentence and, one day, decided to repeat this sentence, endlessly.

This book, entitled You didn't let me finish my sentence, is about the sentence, or more precisely the reproduction of this sentence over and over again. The peculiarity of this sentence is that it is structurally finite but conceptually infinite and open to all possible variations, styles, media and interpretations.

This book is about the sentence as part of an endless stream in which the exact same words take different forms and shapes prolonging the nightmare born in Jack Torrance's mind. The sentence does not lend itself (or very rarely) to adaptations: no remix, no alterations, no changes in the words themselves. The sentence remains intact and invariably static. Of course the words may resonate differently from one author to the next but, ultimately, what is it that binds them all and mysteriously links them? Maybe there is a spell contained in this "lullaby". Maybe, re-writing the sentence is somehow uncontrolled, an urge which is virally transmitted everytime someone reads this line. The more you read it, the more it possesses you, crawls your mind and spreads around.

So be careful, "all work and no play" can make a dull life into a writing obsession and turn you into an obsessive, compulsive reproducer of this neverending sentence. If you feel your eyes and mind are ready to give it a try, the book which contains the sentence is HERE.

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