December 22, 2014

Experimental Art and Writing 2014

Experimental, fake, plagiarized, hacked, invisible, failed, erased, conceptual and obscure ART - 2014

>>ABSTRACT > 3D abstract comic strip? Visual Poetry? Miniature combine painting? > Jason Overby > GO
>>ARST > Arst Arsw > Star Wars sorted alphabetically > Video > GO
>>AUTONAUTS > Making of Autonauts of the Cosmoroute by Carol Dunlop and Julio Cortázar > @Maison Neuve > GO

>> BOT > Ballard Bot > After the injection of 50k lines of code the online AI that is the Ballard-bot is ready to answer your questions! > @Mike_Bonsall > GO

>>CHARLIE > A Conceptual Charlie Brown Christmas > GO
>> CINEMA > Cinema in cinema > Sort of Christian Marclay tribute > Video >  GO
>>COMICS > "We live in a world ruled by fictions of every kind" > Comic strips > Title #jgballard > Illustrations Paul Kirchner > GO
>>CONTENT >> Content Forever by Darius Kazemi > Read a meandering essay by an algorithm with a short attention span > Generator > GO
>>CRASH > Crash on Ballard Street > #JGBallard Tribute > Atrocity Exhibition > GO

>>DATA > Data visualization > BLACK HOLE of most popular porn tags > Max Einstein > GO
>>DATADADA > the Datadada Manifesto by Albertine Meunier and Julien Levesque > Where Data meets Dada, obviously >  GO
>>DOWNHILL > Downhill motor race Versus Uphill bicycle race > JFK Versus JC > #alfredjarry Versus #jgballard > GO

>>ERASURE > Massive erasure > Nabokov's short stories turned into polyglossic poem > "What's missing hurts not" (#BustosDomecq) > Ebook @zswound > GO

>>FAKE > Fake London underground signs > GO
>>FORGOTIFY > Forget Me Not > "4 million songs on Spotify have never been played. Not even once. Let’s change that." > GO
>>FOXX > 'Crash Course' from the John Foxx album B-Movie (Ballardian Video Neuronica) another #jgballard tribute from JFoxx > GO
>>FUTURISM > Words-in-Freedom > Guggenheim’s exhibition Italian Futurism, 1909-1944: Reconstructing the Universe.> Guggenheim Blog > GO

>>GLITCH > The weirdo glitch poetry of Apple’s QuickType > GO
>>GOOGLE > Google Street View + JG Ballard > Towards Concrete Island > @Mike_Bonsall > GO

>>HARD > Hard books for hard times: literary experimentation gains popularity > The Guardian > GO
>>HUMOUR > Why Poetry Sucks, An Anthology of Humorous Experimental Canadian Poetry, Insomniac Press > GO
>>HUNGER > Kingsnorth: readers 'hungry for experimental writing' >The Bookseller | article > GO
>>HYPER > HyperBallard, film/sound seance manifesting #jgballard neurones Mobilised by ultracolour & inframusic anatomised hallucinogenetics > GO

>>INFINITE > The Infinite Book by Albertine Meunier > content appears only when you turn the pages and is automatically captured from the Internet > GO
>>INSTALLATION > Vermilion Sands > Using Concrete Island shoes to walk through the colourful Vermilion Sands installation > GO
>>INSTRUCTIONS > John Ashbery > Rewriting The instruction manual > what if Ashbery had decided to actually write the instruction manual > GO
>>INVISIBLE > Bibliotheca Invisibilis > Works that conceptualize the Invisible > GO

>>JACK > Jack Torrance was obsessed with a sentence that he thought was unfinished and that he kept retyping on his typewrite > From The Shining > "You didn't let me finish my sentence", the book that never ended > Ebook @zswound >  GO

>>KAREN > Karen Novotny x > Now But These Recordings 78-79 > experimental minimal noise & disco music > GO

>>LEGO > JG Ballard's High Rise told using Lego Bricks > @Loki_Lego > GO
>>LOCATIONS > Tracking the Locations of J.G. Ballard's Super-Cannes > Rick Poynor >  @DesignObserver > GO
>>LOST > Book review - 'Unruly places: Lost spaces, secret cities, and other inscrutable geographies > GO
>>LOST & FOUND > BARTLEBITS > Ebook about erased sections in books, lost & recovered bits & pieces > @zswound > GO

>>MANIFESTO > Roberto Bolaño > Manifeste infraréaliste 1976 > Français + Espagnol > "láncense a los caminos" > GO
>>MEMORIAL > Inner Space memorial by Janek Schaefer > Soundtrack for #JGBallard > GO
>>MOBY-DICK > Retracing Moby-Dick on a nineteenth-century whaler > Going Aboard by Ben Shattuck > The Paris Review > GO

>>NADSAT > Jorge Luis Burgess > A clockwork Babel MASHUP >  BABEL reconstructed based on the Nadsat language invented by Anthony Burgess > Ebook @zswound > GO

>>ORIGINAL > The original comic book source images of Roy Lichtenstein > GO

>>PICTURES > "Sad, Depressed, People" @davidhorvitz > images within stock photography collections > publisher @new_documents > PDF > GO
>>POSTCARDS > Postcards From the Future  > "picture London in the not so distant future" > Robert Graves & Didier Madoc-Jones > GO
>>PLAGIARIST > re-telling fables as a string of tweets > twitter art & rewriting >  GO

>>SEIZURE > The Seizure Medication That Turns You Into a Poet > Daily Beast article > GO
>>SOCIAL > option 1: "Invisible Girlfriend" gives you real-world and social proof that you’re in a relationship;  option2: read JGBallard's #thesmile > GO
>>SOUND > Ballardian sounds > "I've been having fun with some #JGBallard type sounds - see if you can spot what they are!" > GO
>>SUPER > Super Flemish > SciFi Pop Culture meets Flemish painting > Sacha Goldberger > GO

>>TERMINAL-BEACH > YACHT’s new song Terminal Beach > a tribute > download MP3 > #jgballard  > GO
>>TYPO > Movie Title Typo > Drawings @austindlight  > GO

>>ULYSSES > Rewriting James Joyce's Ulysses while walking in the city > Ulysses a long way by Jean-Christophe Norman > After Tokyo, Gdansk, Marseille, Ulysses in Paris, Biennale de Belleville > GO

>>VENUS > Venus in FURSONATE > Kurt Schwitters meets The Velvet underground > GO

>>WRITING 1 > Writing machines / machines d’écritures > Musiques et cultures digitales MCD #66 > in French > GO
>>WRITING 2 > Computers Are Writing Novels, But Do You Really Want To Read Them? > singularityhub article > GO

>>ZAPRUDER > Abraham Zapruder's DIY Flipbook > #JGBallard Tribute > Atrocity Exhibition > #BallardDay > GO

Any suggestions? Please send me your ideas. I will update this list.
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