May 20, 2015

PowetPOINT - Make your point in your poetry presentations

Make your point in your poetry presentations
01. In PowetPoint, text is the soul
02. PowetPoint is contemporary
03. PowetPoint will colour your ideas
04. PowetPoint lets you add shadows
05. PowetPoint looks at the entire shape metaphor
06. PowetPoint has an audience
07. PowetPoint allows interactivity
08. PowetPoint can be used for so much more
09. You may have an older version of PowetPoint, time to change
10. PowetPoint works best with a local printer
11. PowetPoint will allow fancy backgrounds
12. In PowetPoint, autofit options are activated
13. PowetPoint isn't too good at remembering locations
14. PPS is the PowetPoint show format
15. PowetPoint includes the capability of creating masters
16. You may want to avoid painful patterns on PowetPoint
17. You needn't manually apply a master in PowetPoint
18. PowetPoint ships with many ready-made templates
19. When starting PowetPoint, you can create a blank presentation
20. PowetPoint automatically applies a default fill
21. Many PowetPoint tasks can be performed
22. PowetPoint provides ungrouping abilities
23. In PowetPoint, everyting is on a toolbar
24. Use PowetPoint compression feature
25. Every element in PowetPoint has a fill
26. Many PowetPoint users simply aren't aware
27. Edit outside PowetPoint
28. By default, PowetPoint defaults
29. PowetPoint has a hidden tool
30. PowetPoint is just a tool
31. PowetPoint often requires much less text than other software
32. PowerPoet ignores anything else
33. Try experimenting with PowetPoint, it’s easy
34. Inside PowetPoint, the world is your oyster
35. PowetPoint is easy, especially when you follow the steps
36. How does PowetPoint decide?
37. Keep your PowetPoint size under control
38. PowetPoint has an impressive repertoire
39. Use PowetPoint amazing narration features
40. Get PowetPoint to sing and dance
41. Most PowetPoint narration problems stem from outside
42. PowetPoint can't embed anything
43. Every element on PowetPoint can be animated
44. PowetPoint includes a few speed presets
45. PowetPoint provides umpteen text animation possibilities
46. Don't use every PowetPoint option and bury the actual message
47. PowetPoint can't save the animation
48. You should learn the secrets of transitioning with PowetPoint
49. In PowetPoint, linking is like networking
50. Remember, PowetPoint rules are made to be broken

[From the official PowetPoint manual]

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