May 28, 2015

Time is on my side - Inventory (Crashtest series)

I have ordered all my favourite songs by duration.
This project has to do with self-quantification, memory and classification. At some point it is important to remember the time it takes to experience or enjoy certain things (favourite ones in this case). This piece can be considered as a monomaniac version of Brainard's I remember in which the time factor has become essential. Songs (and movies as well to a certain extent) are the only things you can actually measure in terms of duration even though you may experience some emotions afterwards, by remembering how good IT made you feel for two and a half minutes or three minutes thirty four or six minutes forty five. Constraints: 1/ cover as many time slots as possible; 2/ only one song per time duration; 3/ pick just one song per album (whenever possible); 4/ start at 2:21 with a song called "Inventory"

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