May 20, 2009

Erasure Projects - erased projections

** The O Mission Repo by Travis Macdonald: another recent shadow filled with traumatic calls, with synchronic light about a subject as legal as old letters found in memories (source text: The 9/11 Commission Report)

**The ms of m y kin by Janet Holmes: The idea is that the page is a delicious coincidence: two words must reflect the speakers and my luminescent intention behind them, in Iraq (source text: "The Poems of Emily Dickinson")

**Radi Os by Ronald Johnson: If you teach Lost excision with an elegant constellation, the first fruit of that forbidden death is quite a revision! There's nothing greater about the chosen rose out of Chaos. Think of it as the latent argument of my vision and order the universe now comparing with the originals from Lost versions that I don't remember or, if you like, you could call it a home (source text: Milton's Paradise Lost).

**A Humument by Tom Phillips: Like most angels in a withdrawn and humourless mood, the verbal disposition of the landscape, if occasionally tortuous, was first divided into an earthy sound and an attempt to fall in love with a pale Requiem: after interlude. Yet a new quest started. As a result of some kind of impulse this slow being was not unaware of the need to be a reasonable example of massive deconstruction: in a sense, the world exists in order to end (source text: A Human Document by W.H. Mallock).

**[where late the sweet] BIRDS SANG by Stephen Ratcliffe: As opposed to meaning itself, all traces of negative echoes, hidden within, suggest the absence of dividends, demanding a framework for dramatization. In this sense, we can begin to lament — we can mutate and derive meaning from a comparison between fruitless separation and my present feeling (source text: Shakespeare’s Sonnets).

**The Tibetan Stroboscope by d.a. levy: Apparently the opening of the book was not part of the aesthetic of this culture but for now this somewhat sloppy avoidance integrated a strong sense of the necessity of mutual destruction. This emphasizes a more intense and more urgent elitism.

**Nets by Jen Bervin: Upon first glance, protean indeterminacy depends upon a Humument perspective, from pole to pole. Through the golden eye refashioning apotheosis, playful images suggest a rubbing from an old RADI OS perpetually tracing The Fiction of light. At least one weakness engenders a startling effect of culmination beyond pleasure and life (source text: Shakespeare’s Sonnets).

**Thus & by Derek Henderson: The following contraction is conspicuous by its presence devoted to quiet announcement While many of the missing fascinations include the arrival of possessive forms. Given that only silent dwarfs draw the reader’s attention, we see that supple changes escape the patternless pattern of appropriation / renunciation (source text: Ted Berrigan’s The Sonnets).

And also:
**Al Hitman's Eaves of Ass (after Whitman)
**Austin Kleon's Newspaper Blackout Poems
**Dan Waber's collective Altered Books
**And in French F. Serra's Lierre (after Lacan's Lituraterre) etc.


Zardoz, another famous reference to erased literature.

And within the realm of comics, Jochen Gerner's TNT (after Hergé's Tintin en Amérique)

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