July 14, 2009

Invented Languages - Merdogon


Merdogon is an invented language created by Leos Carax. The way this language was constructed remains a mystery but it sounds beautiful especially through the mouth of Denis Lavant (the actor in the video) who is a sort of modern Antoine Artaud possessed by his repetitive imprecations and furious glossolalia.

Those who know Denis Lavant, one of the most intriguing and fascinating French actors will be thrilled to see his amazing performance in this new video clip. And those who don't, will discover his hectic body, his terrible groans and his angular face serving this incredible language of his: the language of "MERDE" (SHIT).

For some bizarre reason, Leos Carax called this language: MERDE; probably implying that the mouth is the anus of our soul, that our thoughts can deliver stinking messages, that our words are loaded with the most depraved meanings. Well maybe, or maybe not. Anyway, those who do not see the poetry in this song should probably move to another blog or see this other incredible performance of Denis Lavant in UNKLE's video, Rabbits in your headlight (feat. Thom Yorke).

A clip by Leos Carax, inspired by his film "Merde" (part of the feature film "Tokyo!'), with Denis Lavant singing in Merdogon (the language invented for the film). **Music : Doctor L. **Lyrics : Lavant & Carax. **Featuring Alison Mosshart (VV from The Kills). **Images : Caroline Champetier. **Editing : Nelly Quettier

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