August 23, 2009

Erasure Projects - Linda Ellia's fight against Mein Kampf

A few years ago Linda Ellia launched "Our Fight" a project in which she asked each participant to "work" on one page of Hitler's Mein Kampf.

What Linda Ellia said on this project:
"One evening I had the idea of inviting people from all conditions and walks of life to participate in producing a collective work. I would cut out and distribute each of the 600 hundred pages of the book [Mein Kampf] randomly, or to people of my choice. These 600 contributors would represent the deaths of over 6 million deportees.The objective is to express on each page the emotion it evokes. Together we will recreate the book. It will become « Our Combat » "

"Every page returned to me provokes a profound emotion. Together we will experience a new reading of the pages we have rewritten. Do not hesitate to contact me to react, or to participate in this project. I am interested in all of your ideas.This combat is not an isolated act. I intend to follow it up by creating an association for artists involved in defending causes. It will address all forms of artistic disciplines. A Laureate will be elected each year. The role of this award will be to help engaged artists realize their projects."


See the project's site: NOTRE COMBAT.

The range of techniques and approaches used in this project is quite amazing (considering that many of the participants were not artists). Erasing, tearing, stitching, drawing, pasting, combining, hiding, inserting and many other techniques were used to reveal or deny, to condemn or recall. Many of these awesome visions are clearly fighting the ghost which is creeping through these lines, by tearing apart these words, transcending them. Some of the works just show the scars, the wounds while others depict the dreams of a better, safer world.

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